About 9 years ago I made my first trip to Thailand. As a single man from America, who was 41 years old at the time, I was absolutely blown away! I was impressed by the culture, by the people and more then anything else by the women. I found them beautiful, sweet, kind and very, very sexy. Unfortunately those are attributes that American women no longer have. In 2006, after many trips to the Land of Smiles I decided it was time to make my home in Bangkok. I now live in a condominium in the middle of Bangkok and I couldn’t be happier. I spend very little time at my home in California now. Since moving here I have experienced all of the great things Bangkok has to offer, great food, outstanding shopping, nice people and lovely ladies. But not all of my experiences have been positive. Besides the great things about living in Thailand, there are many frustrations as well. On a daily basis I run into situations that quite frankly as a Westerner completely dumfound me. There are many cultural differences coming from the West to the East that are very hard to understand. When I discuss these differences with fellow Westerners they usually can’t do any better of a job then I can to explain these differences. So we have a saying here in Thailand, T I T. No, guys it isn’t what you think. T I T stands for “this is Thailand”. We use that to explain many things and once someone says T I T we move on to the next subject. It’s like that kind of says it all. In the coming days, weeks, months and years I will be discussing these things in my blog. Hopefully you will find these subjects as fun and interesting as I have.

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