The Bangkok Protests

It's certainly been awhile! To say I've been busy would be an understatement.

But I couldn't help myself but to talk about the protests that have been going on in Bangkok the past week.

The anti Thaksin people are protesting, blocking major intersections, closing government buildings and doing everything they can to make life hard for the current government to operate.

Unfortunately they are making life hard for normal Bangkokians like myself as well.

Look, I fully support their effort of getting the Shiniwatra family out of Thai politics.

Thaksin and his cronies are bad people who are keeping Thailand from realizing it's full potential.

They are corrupt, violent and rule with one goal and one goal only, to get Thaksin's money back that was frozen in the 2006 coup.

However a one day protest has now extended to a week and word has it that it could go into February.

Tourism has taken a major hit and at the worst possible time, right in the middle of the peak tourist season.

And you have to think that the average Bangkok citizen who doesn't turn out to these protests is just getting a bit pissed off about the inconveniece this is causing.  I know I am, despite my support for their efforts.

And there is absolutely no crowd control.  The police are nowhere to be found.  So the PDRC "guards" decide what real estate is theirs, like roping off buildings at Asoke and skytrain walkways.  Ridiculous!

But the biggest problem here is that the protest leaders do not have an end game.  There is no plan in place.  They do things on a day to day basis.

When dealing with dirtbags that are as sophisticated as Thaksin's people are, that is no way to operate.

My feeling is that these people could protest for months and nothing will get accomplished.  Except they will piss many people off, people who could have been their supporters.

So here's my suggestion.  Sit down with Thaksin and his lovely sister Yingluck.  Propose a solution to them.  Tell them they can have their money back.  But they and all of Thaksin's cronies have to stay out of Thai politics forever.  And to make sure the deal sticks, give them a certain amount of money every year, possibly over a 10 year payment plan.

If at any point that the Shiniwatras get back into politics, the deal is off.

If Thaksin wants to come back to Thailand let him come back.  But he has to face the jail time that he's been sentenced to.

If he would rather stay abroad, all the better.

This would make all sides happy, at least to a point.  Thaksin gets his money back, albeit over a period of time.  The protestors get their wish and rid the country of the Shiniwatra family.  And Thailand can vote on some leaders other than Thaksin's people.

I know it's not perfect, but it's the best I can come up with.

Have a better idea?  Feel free to comment.


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