Thailand’s Public transport issues to be solved in 2 months – Hooray!

Just saw this on Thai Visa, courtesy of the National News Bureau of Thailand. Almost fell on the floor laughing:

BANGKOK, 16 July 2013 (NNT) – The Ministry of Transport is expected to improve the entire public transport system within two months as several issues, such as passengers being rejected by taxi drivers and illegal parking, remain unresolved.

According to Deputy Permanent Secretary for Transport Theerapong Rodprasert, a meeting has been held to find solutions to problems concerning the public transport system in Thailand.

Related agencies and operators of all transport vehicles participating in the meeting were instructed to assess and compile pending issues for submission to Transport Minister Chatchart Sitthipan for consideration within August.

Mr. Theerapong further added that the current issues, including vans parking in prohibited areas, taxi drivers rejecting passengers as well as buses not pulling over at the stop, are expected to be handled within two months.

Well it's nice to know that one meeting will stop taxi drivers from not picking up passengers, make the busses run on time, stop vans from crashing and killing people, stop the illegal taxi drivers in Phuket from wreaking havoc, stop tuk tuk drivers from ripping people off.  I could go on and on, lol

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