Time To Crack Down on Crimes Against Children in Thailand

I saw this on Pattaya One just now:

Pattaya Police arrest Swiss man accused of lewd acts with 12 year old boys

On Tuesday Night Pattaya Police Officers arrested a 62 year old Swiss man on the strength of an arrest warrant detailing allegations of lewd acts he is alleged to have committed with 12 year old boys.

Mr. Gaston Murer aged 62 was arrested in front of a Motorbike Rental Shop on 3rd Road in South Pattaya just before 10pm on Tuesday based on arrest warrant number 435/2556 dated 25th June 2013.

The warrant details allegations of Mr. Murer conducting lewd acts with 12 year old boys on two separate occasions in November and December 2012. A Ladyboy named as Khun Lachan is suspected of providing Mr. Murer with the boys for a fee of 400 Baht per boy.

Mr. Murer was taken to his apartment at the Bongkai Resort and then taken to Pattaya Police Station where he is being held pending criminal proceedings against him.

It's about time that the Thai authorities make a major crackdown on crimes against children.  

Unfortunately Thailand has a reputation as a place you can come and easily have sex with minors. Even more unfortunately that reputation is very true.

Pattaya seems like the hotbed for sexual crimes against minors.

The Thai police and politicians don't do near enough to root out not only the people committing these crimes, but the people who provide the children, such as this ladyboy mentioned in the article.

People who committ crimes against children are the lowest form of degenerate in the world.

Actually I think it would be better to threaten them with time in places like the Bangkok Hilton as opposed to sending them back to their own countries for prosecution.  That's getting off way too easy in my humble opinion.

Until next time, enjoy yourself!

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