Injured man dies after cop tells ambulance to move

Just saw this in the Nation:

A screen grab from a video clip that went viral on Facebook shows a traffic policeman apparently ordering medics to clear away as they try to revive an accident victim.

BANGKOK: — A man seriously injured in a motorcycle accident yesterday died shortly after medics attending to him were ordered by a police officer to move their ambulance to ease a traffic jam, according to a Facebook complaint that linked to a widely viewed video.

After the complaint including photos and a video clip of the incident was posted on RKU News' Facebook page yesterday, Metropolitan Police deputy chief Police Maj-General Worasak Noppasittiporn, who is responsible for traffic, wrote on his own Facebook page that the incident occurred in an area under Min Buri Police Station's responsibility.

The complaint alleged that the man crashed his motorcycle into an electric post opposite the Big C supermarket's Romklao branch at 9.08am. An emergency-medical-services team from Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital attended the accident scene, and found that the man was unconscious.

An unidentified police officer told them via walkie-talkie that they should move the injured man and their ambulance away as it was blocking traffic. The medics continued to help the man.

After that, a policeman rode up on his motorcycle to tell them to move their ambulance 100 metres from the scene to ease the traffic jam. The man was confirmed dead at 9.35am.

This is just another example of the fucked up priorities in this country and in this city in particular. "Cars over people". It appears that anyone driving a car can do anything to pederstians and pretty much get away with it. People drive like maniacs and totally disregard the people walking in the street. And the police do nothing.

In this case you have a seriously injured person and all the cop cares about is that the traffic isn't moving. This guy should be fired and put in prison for doing this.

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