Safety Zones in Bangkok

I read recently they were establishing new "safety zones" in tourist areas of Bangkok. And sure enough I saw this on the way in to Soi Cowboy last night:                       I feel safer already, don't you? Until next time, enjoy yourself and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ending the Dog Meat Trade in Thailand

Saw this in the Nation: Thai govt expected to announce steps to end the dog meat and skin trade in Thailand                   BANGKOK: — The Thai government is expected to declare a national agenda to end the trade of dogs destined for human consumption, the nongovernmental organization, […]

3g in Thailand

I saw this in the Nation the other day and like many things here, it made me chuckle:   DTAC plans 50% 3G coverage on new network a year ahead of deadline BANGKOK: –Total Access Communication (DTAC) says it will be ready to set up its 2.1-gigahertz network soon, totalling about 6,500 sites nationwide next […]

Air Pollution in Bangkok

Saw this in The Nation today and it made me laugh: First-car policy 'putting people's health at risk' More than 381,184 Bangkok commuters are suffering from respiratory diseases caused by air pollution that has been associated with traffic jams, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration revealed yesterday. "The volume of cars in the capital has increased the […]

Alcohol Sales Set To Be Banned at Roadside Stalls in Bangkok

Saw this in the Nation today:                                         Picture courtesy of   BANGKOK: — Starting from the New Year holiday period, roadside food stalls will be banned from selling alcoholic drinks, while all sales of alcoholic […]