Crackdown on Import of Fake Goods Urged During High Season

This kind of story I saw in the Nation today comes up about every 90 to 120 days it seems. The Thai government is going to "crack down" on fake goods, or so they say. So what do the do? They stage a couple of highly publicized raids on places like Pantip Plaza and MBK […]

Only in Thailand

Let's add one to the category of "only in Thailand". This coming from The Nation today: Close eye on traffic BANGKOK: — Traffic Police plan to improve the efficiency of the famous dummy cop "Ja Choei" by installing security cameras on the mannequins and connecting them to a central system via Wi-Fi. Each dummy will […]

Treatment for Botched Penis Enlargements in Bangkok

In the ridiculous department comes this story from The Nation, about how guys can now get treatment when their penis enlargements go bad. Guys, be happy with what you've got! Or the consequences can be terrible: Treatment for botched enlargements The Nation BANGKOK: — Police General Hospital has set up a special team to treat […]

The Lesbian Epidemic in Thailand

About a year ago I noticed something strange. All of a sudden I started to see many Thai lesbians in Bangkok.  It was a pretty typical lesbian couple that I'd see over and over. One partner was very "butch", man like. And the other partner was more feminine. But like everything else here in Thailand, […]

200 Dogs Saved From Meat Market in the North of Thailand

Saw this today. This has to stop! If the Thai government wants to show that this is a true first world country and not a collection of barbarians, a special task force has to be set up to stop this practice of stealing and selling these beautiful animals to be slaughtered and sold as meat. […]

Will Thailand Ever Get 4g service?

I found this article from the Phuket Gazette very interesting reading today and it crystalized my thoughts on the matter. Here the mobile companies are still fighting about 3g and the rest of the world is on 4g. Phuket Tech: A 3G auction in a 4G world                 […]