Yingluck To Bring American Planning, Police Tactics to Bangkok

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra plans to apply aspects of New York’s town-planning and security systems in the Thai capital, she said yesterday.

Vaginal Skin Whitening in Thailand

Well, in the category of "now I've heard everything" comes this story. It seems along with all of the other skin whitening products and services for ladies to look like ghosts here in Thailand, comes "vaginal skin whitening". Yes, you heard right. Here is the story, courtesy of theguardian.co.uk:   Thailand's Skin-Whitening Craze Reaches Woman's […]

Bangkok Cabbies Protest New Laws

My heart just bled when I saw this little item in the Pattaya Daily News today:   Bangkok Cabdrivers Protest Penalty For Refusing Fares An association of Bangkok cabdrivers filed a formal complaint with the Metropolitan Police over harsh new rules aimed at cabdrivers. The new rules would fine a cabdriver 1,000 THB for refusing […]

Bangkok “Flooding Announcement”

This was good for a laugh today. 10 storms in a month? It rains every single day and lately it hardly stops? How can this bozo say there won't be flooding. Unreal! This is worse then last year. I know, I was here! They're holding a meeting every day? I guess they expect flooding, now […]

Cars in Bangkok

I have 3 other things they could do here to reduce traffic and pollution:

1) Get rid of the tuk tuks (that would help pollution).

2) Get rid of the old busses and replace them with busses that omit less carbon gasses.

3) Reduce the taxi population in this town by 50%.

Thai Government Stupidity Reigns True

Drainage tests inundate rice field in Thailand’s old capital

Crooked Bangkok Cops Steal 2 Million THB from Victims

It’s high time some of the dirty cops go down. Unfortunately, corruption is so deep seeded in the system, I doubt very much if many if not any of the cops don’t take bribes at the least. These guys were going way too far. Hell, they even made the guys that arrested them look bad!

Taxi Drivers in Bangkok are Finally Taken To Task

It’s high time that the authorities in Bangkok took these people to task for their unprofessional attitude towards the passengers, especially foreigners.