Doing Business in Thailand Can be Interesting

I had a real interesting day yesterday.  But I knew ahead of time that it would be.  I had scheduled appointments with 4 attorneys to discuss some contracts I need drawn up for a real estate deal I’m working on. The first appointment was going well enough.  The other party in the deal and myself […]

A Sad Week in Thailand

It’s been a very sad week for myself and my wife and her family.  On Wednesday night we found out that her cousin, only 49 years old, had passed away in my wife’s home province in the North East.  Friday morning we flew to Ubon Ratchathani for the funeral.  Her cousin had been sick for […]

Every Day the Santika Tragedy seems to get worse

It seems like every time I pick up the Bangkok Post there is a new twist to the Santika tragedy. And it keeps getting worse. Here’s the latest from today’s Post: The Justice Ministry is seeking to take over the investigation into the Santika pub fire on New Year’s Day after claiming the police investigation […]