Watching History in America From Thailand

First of all, my apologies on being away for a couple weeks. I encountered some major technical problems and was without a computer and without access to even access my own blog. A piece of advice to all, even 2 backups don’t guarantee that everything won’t be lost. Yes, I had a hard drive crash […]

Another Side to Bangkok’s Santika Tragedy

I rarely post twice in a day, but shortly after my last post I saw an item in the same Bangkok Post which I found very interesting and would like to share with you. It’s a piece written by a westerner who witnessed the Santika tragedy first hand: Setting the record straight about a horrific […]

Corruption in Bangkok? You’re kidding…

A lot has been written since the horrible fire that killed 64 people (and counting) and injured countless others at the Santika nightclub just as 2009 started. Here is the latest from the Bangkok Post: Fire inquiry looks into possibility of bribes The Justice Ministry is investigating whether local police were bribed to allow the […]

New Years Tragedy in Bangkok

New Years 2009 rung in pretty much like any New Year. Or so it seemed. Some friends, some family members of my fiance and myself enjoyed countless numbers of fireworks shows at midnight from the 47th floor rooftop of our building. It was beautiful. Little did we know that just about a mile away tragedy […]