Violence has become the theme in Bangkok

Things have become increasingly violent at the protest sites in Bangkok. 46 PAD protesters were injured at Government House, 3 seriously, when a rival group launched a grenade. In fact this kind of thing has been happening every night lately, according to my friend who is a member of the PAD. He said there has […]

More Stupidity in Thailand

Could the government, namely Prime Minister Somchai possibly look more inept and weak then they do right now? I think not. Last night a supposedly defiant Somchai went on national tv and told the country that he had ordered the police to use force on the protesters at the two airports to end the siege […]

Pm’s Declaration, but nothing’s changed in Bangkok

As we speculated yesterday when PM Somchai declared a state of emergency here in Bangkok, absolutely nothing has changed. The protesters are still holed up at both major airports here in town and the police and military have done nothing, fearing injury and loss of life. But more details have emerged that make this situation […]

A State of Emergency in Bangkok

Tonight I was just about to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with a group of friends. Before we left I got a call from a close friend who is a member of the PAD. He couldn’t make dinner because of the events taking place in town. He had to rush out to Government House to join the […]

More Political Tension in Thailand

Yesterday was an interesting day here in Bangkok. All day the news reports spilled in. Here’s a summary from the Bangkok Post: Suvarnabhumi airport and the travel plans of thousands of tourists were in turmoil last night after PAD supporters stormed the terminal, forcing authorities to shut down most operations. Outbound flights were suspended from […]

Tomorrow will be a Big Day In Thailand

Things are really starting to heat up here in Bangkok and I’m not talking about the weather. The anti government PAD plans it’s largest rally ever tomorrow. There have been threats of violence by the rival UDD, who will hold their own gathering. Recently deposed PM Thaksin Shinawatra spoke to his supporters by phone. Over […]

Sometimes I Don’t Feel Wanted in Thailand

Lately my fiance and I have been looking for a house. It seems our condo won’t work when we bring our families together (namely her and her three dogs). So after finding a house that we absolutely love I’ve gone about looking for a mortgage. Like many things in Thailand, easier said then done. First […]

Mr. Bill’s Trials and Tribulations in Bangkok

One of the most entertaining aspects of being back in Bangkok is watching and hearing about Mr. Bill’s exploits. Tonight is a good example. As anyone who has been reading this blog for any length of time knows, Thursday night in Bangkok is boy’s night out. Translated that means dinner and some serious male bonding […]

Watching U.S. History Unfold From Thailand

It was an amazing morning. It started just like any other day. I got out of bed. Fed the dog, made myself some breakfast and poured myself a cup of coffee. Then something incredible happened. I watched as Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States. And I did so from across […]

It’s Calm in Bangkok…For Now Anyway

The good news is that Thaksin Shinawatra’s “interview” that was heard by some 80,000 pro government supporters last night went off without a hitch. No violence, no problems, nothing. It seems Mr. Thaksin was smart and did nothing to incite the crowd. The crowd was no doubt ready to be incited, as were the PAD […]