The Political Situation in Thailand

I’ve been following the crazy political situation in Thailand the last week, both by reading my daily Bangkok Post that comes by e mail and by going to the Post’s site a few times a day during this ever changing situation. Today I saw a quote that summed up the ongoing political mess in Thailand […]

You Would Think This Story Took Place in America, Not Thailand

I was browsing through the Bangkok Post today. Besides being around my fiance it’s the small amount of contact I seem to have with Thailand these days. It also gives me fodder for this space. I saw a piece about a good Samaritan cab driver that you would think happened in the U.S., not Thailand. […]

Only in Thailand

It’s been awhile since we’ve met in this space. I’m still in America (sigh) and I can’t wait to get back to my beloved Thailand in October, so that I can spend the lovely winter there. Since we last talked I got engaged to my lovely Thai girlfriend. We will be married in Thailand in […]