Another Coup in Thailand?

Three months ago a “new” government took over in Thailand. But at the time it was obvious to any casual observer that once again former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was pulling the strings behind this supposedly new government. Now just three months into new PM Samak’s administration the rumors have started already that a coup […]

Things Take a Lot More Time In Thailand

One of the things that have always amazed me about living in Thailand is how long things seems to take. Even the easiest task seems to take forever compared to how things are done in the West. As an example, you want to book a plane ticket. Now if I want to fly from San […]

How Thai Women Are Different From American Women

Now that I’m back in the states for awhile, the differences between Thailand and the United States just come up and hit me in the face. Especially the difference between Thai and American women. You would think they came from different planets, not the same one. When I first started traveling to Thailand I was […]

Mr. Bill’s Pattaya Trips

When Mr. Bill meets a girl he likes, he takes her to Pattaya. Now you may remember a blog about “One Night in Pattaya”, when Mr. Bill took wife number two to the beach resort for a night. Well, Mr. Bill has met a new girl and yesterday he took her to Pattaya. Now Mr. […]

A Strip Club and a Go Go in Thailand are same, same. Not!

Tonight, being on the road, I did what many men in America do when they’re away from home and want a cheap thrill, go to a strip club. Trust me, it’s no Soi Cowboy. First of all, most of the women are white and from America. That puts two strikes against it right there. Oh […]

A Day I Won’t Soon Forget (And It Wasn’t Even in Thailand)

I know this blog is supposed to be about an American living part of the year in Thailand and his experiences. Well, today that American had a pretty amazing day. For one, I got thrown out a hotel (I was given one hour to leave) for doing absolutely nothing wrong after personal property was stolen […]

All I Need Is the Air That I Breathe (In Bangkok)

One negative about my beloved Bangkok is the awful air pollution. According to Wikipedia: “Environmental issues such as air pollution, a large part of which is caused by the traffic and dirt left on streets from construction projects, was a major problem. However, with cooperation between the local government and the residents and the increase […]

The Dollar Just Aint What it Used to Be in Thailand (Or Anywhere Else For That Matter)

There was an item in the Bangkok Post today that caught my attention. Yeah, it caught my attention and didn’t make me all that happy: “Low US rate could push baht to higher levels The widening gap between domestic and overseas interest rates could spur capital inflows and put pressure on the baht to appreciate, […]

Yellow Monday in Thailand

I thought I would discuss a tradition that I find both amazing and wonderful about Thai people and there are many of those things to be sure. When you ask a Thai person their birth date, most will tell you “Tuesday or Saturday”, not the Month and day of the month like we do. In […]

Another Update From Bangkok

When we last looked in on our heroes, everyone was on their way back to Bangkok after a very successful wedding day in Lakhan Sawan. The locals were still buzzing about the cool million baht Mr. Bill put in Mr. Bill, Jr.’s hot little hands for the dowry so he could put it in the […]