Buying Things in Thailand

Today while I was out shopping I saw a beautiful 32 inch Samsung LCD display that I just had to have for my desktop. Staring at a 20 inch display all day gets real hard on the eyes, even these 50 year old 20/20 peepers. So after thinking about it for a few minutes I […]

Dealing with Thai Companies

The great thing about doing this blog is that I never run out of ideas. They come at me right and left in this country. Like today’s subject, dealing with Thai companies. Now besides the basic language barrier, dealing with Thai companies is filled with problems for the average Westerner like myself. As far as […]

Thai Girls and Thai TV

I struggle with something that I think every man with a Thai girlfriend also struggles with and that’s having to deal with Thai TV. Besides the fact that they seem to be a good 25 years behind the U.S. in quality of programming (or maybe it’s more like 50), the programs all pretty much look […]

Girls, Girls and More Girls in Bangkok

Virtually every man who didn’t come here for a work related reason came to Bangkok for the first time for one reason and one reason only, the women. They are everywhere, in the mall, on the street, in the skytrain, yes, anywhere you can imagine you’ll run into beautiful young women. It’s funny, because as […]

Animals in Bangkok

Never has the theory of “survival of the fittest” applied more then to life here in Bangkok. And life is hardest of all for animals in this large metropolis. I talked yesterday about a little dog that we found laying dead on Sukhumvit Road, the apparent victim of one of those crazy Bangkok drivers. Today […]

A Bad Ten Minutes in Bangkok

I’ve been coming here for over nine years now, so I guess I shouldn’t get so upset about some of the things that happen. But sometimes it just gets to you. Take tonight for example. I’m suffering from a cold, so I don’t feel real hot anyway. Of course the doctor (me) prescribed a big […]

Bangkok Smoking Ban

February 17th will be a very happy day in my life. That’s the day that Bangkok joins many other parts of the world in banning smoking in public places. Here is an excerpt from the article in the Bangkok Post recently: “Smoking will be banned in all air-conditioned entertainment venues throughout the country next month, […]

Boy’s Night Out in Bangkok

I always look forward to Thursday nights. That’s the night that Mr. Bill and I go out in the “City of Angels” and “be guys”. And tonight was a pretty typical Thursday boy’s night out. It started out at our favorite Thai restaurant Wannakarm, located around the corner from Soi Cowboy. Bill pronounces it “wanna […]

Mr. Bill and His Escapades in Bangkok

Today I’d like to talk about a friend of mine. His name is Bill. Now Bill first discovered Thailand about 6 years ago and now like many of us he has fallen in love with it. The reason in a word is the women. Let me tell you a little bit about Bill. He’s 60 […]

Another Lousy Camcorder and a Dog Pissing on the Restaurant Floor

So let’s talk about my day, shall we? It started out with coming into my office and realizing that my new and improved camcorder was dead. That’s right, the new one that I picked up yesterday that was better then the last one that didn’t work didn’t work either. But the day got better. I […]