Injured man dies after cop tells ambulance to move

Just saw this in the Nation: A screen grab from a video clip that went viral on Facebook shows a traffic policeman apparently ordering medics to clear away as they try to revive an accident victim. BANGKOK: — A man seriously injured in a motorcycle accident yesterday died shortly after medics attending to him were […]

Interpol to lead piracy crackdown in Thailand

Saw this in the Nation today. Almost fell out of my chair laughing: BANGKOK: — Thai police will be joining the Interpol-led weeklong crackdown on pirated goods, which kicks off tomorrow. Also participating are Bangladesh, Fiji, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Vietnam. Police adviser Pol General Chalermkiat Sriworakhan said officers will […]

Eliminating the Pedos in Thailand

Saw this today on Pattaya 103 FM: Foreigners Arrested on Charges of Underage Gay Sex Supermarkets are ideal for food shopping, but not as a pickup point for underage boys as 60 year old Englishman, Andrew John Tracey,  found out to his cost in Pattaya this week end. Karl Josef Rupple, charged with sexual activity with […]

Animal Cruelty at It’s Worst in Thailand

I saw this today on Coconuts Bangkok. It made me sick to my stomach: Dog survives firecracker explosion in its mouth Snow, a stray dog in Nakhon Pathom, has reportedly moved to a new shelter in Bangkok after suffering a serious wound to his mouth as the result of firecracker explosion. The dog’s injury occurred […]

Only in Thailand

Let's add one to the category of "only in Thailand". This coming from The Nation today: Close eye on traffic BANGKOK: — Traffic Police plan to improve the efficiency of the famous dummy cop "Ja Choei" by installing security cameras on the mannequins and connecting them to a central system via Wi-Fi. Each dummy will […]

A Foot Massage From a Katoey in Bangkok

We're back after a 2 month break from the excessive heat. And man is it excessive this year. 100 degrees every day and humidity that seems like it's 200%. Well, I wanted to lose weight after eating so well on this trip and I am getting my wish. I think I've lost about 10 pounds […]

The Police In Thailand

A post about the police in Bangkok.

Hospitals In Thailand

Since I moved here to Thailand I had pretty much always gone to Bumrungrad Hospital for my medical care.  It's a beautiful place and has very good care.  Unfortunately I lately came to the realization that it is ungodly expensive.  And since I now have a health plan with a $5,000 deductible PER CONDITION, it's […]

Sometimes I Don’t Feel Wanted in Thailand

Lately my fiance and I have been looking for a house. It seems our condo won’t work when we bring our families together (namely her and her three dogs). So after finding a house that we absolutely love I’ve gone about looking for a mortgage. Like many things in Thailand, easier said then done. First […]

You Would Think This Story Took Place in America, Not Thailand

I was browsing through the Bangkok Post today. Besides being around my fiance it’s the small amount of contact I seem to have with Thailand these days. It also gives me fodder for this space. I saw a piece about a good Samaritan cab driver that you would think happened in the U.S., not Thailand. […]