Injured man dies after cop tells ambulance to move

Just saw this in the Nation: A screen grab from a video clip that went viral on Facebook shows a traffic policeman apparently ordering medics to clear away as they try to revive an accident victim. BANGKOK: — A man seriously injured in a motorcycle accident yesterday died shortly after medics attending to him were […]

Air Pollution in Bangkok

Saw this in The Nation today and it made me laugh: First-car policy 'putting people's health at risk' More than 381,184 Bangkok commuters are suffering from respiratory diseases caused by air pollution that has been associated with traffic jams, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration revealed yesterday. "The volume of cars in the capital has increased the […]

Cars in Bangkok

I have 3 other things they could do here to reduce traffic and pollution:

1) Get rid of the tuk tuks (that would help pollution).

2) Get rid of the old busses and replace them with busses that omit less carbon gasses.

3) Reduce the taxi population in this town by 50%.

Motorcycles in Bangkok

There are three things that there are way too much of on the roads here in Bangkok, taxis, tuk tuks and motorcycles. Taxis we’ve discussed before. If there were 2 tuk tuks in my opinion there would be two too many. And motorcycles are way too abundant here in the City of Angels. At any […]