The Bangkok Protests

It's certainly been awhile! To say I've been busy would be an understatement. But I couldn't help myself but to talk about the protests that have been going on in Bangkok the past week. The anti Thaksin people are protesting, blocking major intersections, closing government buildings and doing everything they can to make life hard […]

Thailand’s Public transport issues to be solved in 2 months – Hooray!

Just saw this on Thai Visa, courtesy of the National News Bureau of Thailand. Almost fell on the floor laughing: BANGKOK, 16 July 2013 (NNT) – The Ministry of Transport is expected to improve the entire public transport system within two months as several issues, such as passengers being rejected by taxi drivers and illegal […]

Human Trafficking In Thailand

First I saw this today from AFP:   Thai policeman charged over rape of Rohingya refugee BANGKOK, June 28, 2013 (AFP) – A policeman has been charged with trafficking after a Rohingya woman was allegedly lured from a shelter in southern Thailand and subsequently raped by a man from the refugee Muslim minority, police told […]

Time To Crack Down on Crimes Against Children in Thailand

I saw this on Pattaya One just now: Pattaya Police arrest Swiss man accused of lewd acts with 12 year old boys On Tuesday Night Pattaya Police Officers arrested a 62 year old Swiss man on the strength of an arrest warrant detailing allegations of lewd acts he is alleged to have committed with 12 […]

Bangkok becoming a pricier place for expats

Saw this in Coconuts Bangkok: Bangkok has become a more expensive home for expats during the last 12 months according to a new study. The Thai capital has jumped to the 147th most expensive destination globally in 2013, having been ranked at 162nd last year.  The research, published by ECA International – a provider of […]

Thailand is killing the goose that laid the golden egg

I just saw this in The Nation after getting raped at the money exchange, turning dollars into baht and running to the bank.  It has even gone down since 2 hours ago when I did this, down to 28.64 at the close: Baht moving beyond fundamentals: BOT At 8.18am, the currency hit a new 16-year […]

A bribe is not a bribe in Thailand

I saw this in Coconuts Bangkok today: Chalerm: Not a Bribe if Cops Ask For Money on Chinese New Year Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung, responding to recent security cam footage of three police officers “requesting” money from an Indian tailor shop owner, claimed that said behavior was acceptable during the Chinese New Year as […]

Ending the Dog Meat Trade in Thailand

Saw this in the Nation: Thai govt expected to announce steps to end the dog meat and skin trade in Thailand                   BANGKOK: — The Thai government is expected to declare a national agenda to end the trade of dogs destined for human consumption, the nongovernmental organization, […]

Air Pollution in Bangkok

Saw this in The Nation today and it made me laugh: First-car policy 'putting people's health at risk' More than 381,184 Bangkok commuters are suffering from respiratory diseases caused by air pollution that has been associated with traffic jams, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration revealed yesterday. "The volume of cars in the capital has increased the […]

Alcohol Sales Set To Be Banned at Roadside Stalls in Bangkok

Saw this in the Nation today:                                         Picture courtesy of   BANGKOK: — Starting from the New Year holiday period, roadside food stalls will be banned from selling alcoholic drinks, while all sales of alcoholic […]