Thailand’s Public transport issues to be solved in 2 months – Hooray!

Just saw this on Thai Visa, courtesy of the National News Bureau of Thailand. Almost fell on the floor laughing: BANGKOK, 16 July 2013 (NNT) – The Ministry of Transport is expected to improve the entire public transport system within two months as several issues, such as passengers being rejected by taxi drivers and illegal […]

Finally Cracking Down on Bangkok Taxi Drivers

I saw this today on Thai Visa: Taxi drivers face harsher penalties for rejecting passengers BANGKOK, Feb 15 – Any Bangkok taxi driver found repeatedly shunning would-be passengers will soon be at risk having his/her driver’s license suspended or even revoked, the Department of Land Transport chief warned. The department is considering additional penalties against […]

Bangkok Crackdown on traffic offenders

From the Nation: BANGKOK: — Deputy chief of the Metropolitan Police Worasak Noppasitthiporn Tuesday instructed traffic police in each precinct to set up checkpoints and issue 100 tickets a day to motorists who break five common traffic offenses. These are driving against the traffic flow, driving on footpaths, double-parking, cutting in front of other vehicles […]

Bangkok Taxi Passenger Dragged Out of Car By Driver

Saw this lovely piece on Coconuts Bangkok today: At 4AM yesterday, a female tour guide filed a police report against a taxi driver accusing him of refusing to provide her service and physically assaulting her. The incident began at a pub on Soi Sukhumvit 11 in the early hours of Jan. 6 when Kanyanat Chamwecha, […]

Air Pollution in Bangkok

Saw this in The Nation today and it made me laugh: First-car policy 'putting people's health at risk' More than 381,184 Bangkok commuters are suffering from respiratory diseases caused by air pollution that has been associated with traffic jams, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration revealed yesterday. "The volume of cars in the capital has increased the […]

Global Survey Ranks Bangkok Taxis Fifth Best in the World

  From Coconuts Bangkok: The friendly taxis of Bangkok were ranked the fifth best in the world in a recent survey by American booking website The survey asked participants from 29 countries to rate taxis in various global cities on seven different categories: cleanliness, value, quality of driving, knowledge of the area, friendliness, safety […]

Cars in Bangkok

I have 3 other things they could do here to reduce traffic and pollution:

1) Get rid of the tuk tuks (that would help pollution).

2) Get rid of the old busses and replace them with busses that omit less carbon gasses.

3) Reduce the taxi population in this town by 50%.

Taxi Drivers in Bangkok are Finally Taken To Task

It’s high time that the authorities in Bangkok took these people to task for their unprofessional attitude towards the passengers, especially foreigners.

The Floods in Bangkok

As you no doubt have heard (unless you've been under a rock for the last few months), Thailand has been inundated by severe flooding.  Here in Bangkok things have gone from bad to worse. A few weeks ago my wife was already freaking out about things and I have to admit my attitude was one […]

All I Need Is the Air That I Breathe (In Bangkok)

One negative about my beloved Bangkok is the awful air pollution. According to Wikipedia: “Environmental issues such as air pollution, a large part of which is caused by the traffic and dirt left on streets from construction projects, was a major problem. However, with cooperation between the local government and the residents and the increase […]