3g in Thailand

I saw this in the Nation the other day and like many things here, it made me chuckle:   DTAC plans 50% 3G coverage on new network a year ahead of deadline BANGKOK: –Total Access Communication (DTAC) says it will be ready to set up its 2.1-gigahertz network soon, totalling about 6,500 sites nationwide next […]

Yingluck To Bring American Planning, Police Tactics to Bangkok

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra plans to apply aspects of New York’s town-planning and security systems in the Thai capital, she said yesterday.

A Foot Massage From a Katoey in Bangkok

We're back after a 2 month break from the excessive heat. And man is it excessive this year. 100 degrees every day and humidity that seems like it's 200%. Well, I wanted to lose weight after eating so well on this trip and I am getting my wish. I think I've lost about 10 pounds […]

Hospitals In Thailand

Since I moved here to Thailand I had pretty much always gone to Bumrungrad Hospital for my medical care.  It's a beautiful place and has very good care.  Unfortunately I lately came to the realization that it is ungodly expensive.  And since I now have a health plan with a $5,000 deductible PER CONDITION, it's […]

A Bad Experience At a Salon In Bangkok

If you've read my blog for a while, you have never heard me mention an establishment by name before. Well, I'm about to break that rule, just because the experience was so bad. There's a place I used to get my hair cut at. The name is Vana Spa and Salon. It's on Sukhumvit Road […]

Doing Business in Thailand Can be Interesting

I had a real interesting day yesterday.  But I knew ahead of time that it would be.  I had scheduled appointments with 4 attorneys to discuss some contracts I need drawn up for a real estate deal I’m working on. The first appointment was going well enough.  The other party in the deal and myself […]

Things Take a Lot More Time In Thailand

One of the things that have always amazed me about living in Thailand is how long things seems to take. Even the easiest task seems to take forever compared to how things are done in the West. As an example, you want to book a plane ticket. Now if I want to fly from San […]

Leaving Bangkok

Once again, my apologies for not putting up yesterday’s post until just a little while ago. It’s kind of hard to do what I do without an internet connection. I’ve got to say that the last couple of days in Thailand before my return to the U.S. illustrated once again for me just how far […]

Construction in Bangkok

Today I’d like to cover a subject that continues to amaze me the longer I stay here in the city of angels, the amount of construction going on at any one time in this town. When I first came to Thailand almost 10 years ago the Thai economy had already hit rock bottom and was […]

Getting a Haircut in Bangkok

When I first came to Thailand one of the necessities was to find a good place to get a haircut. The guy who cuts my hair in the states is strictly top notch and of course you pay for that. Being in the over 40 (ok, now way over 40) set I get my hair […]