Thanksin Seems To Be Able To Go Anywhere BUT Thailand

I saw this item in the Nation today: Thaksin gets ready for two-week US visit The Nation BANGKOK: — Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra will be flying to the United States next week for a fortnight, his legal adviser Noppadon Pattama announced yesterday. During his visit, Noppadon said, Thaksin will meet Thai and American friends […]

Watching History in America From Thailand

First of all, my apologies on being away for a couple weeks. I encountered some major technical problems and was without a computer and without access to even access my own blog. A piece of advice to all, even 2 backups don’t guarantee that everything won’t be lost. Yes, I had a hard drive crash […]

Watching U.S. History Unfold From Thailand

It was an amazing morning. It started just like any other day. I got out of bed. Fed the dog, made myself some breakfast and poured myself a cup of coffee. Then something incredible happened. I watched as Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States. And I did so from across […]

He Never Made It To Thailand

It’s been a while since I talked to you. I guess transitioning back to the U.S. has been more of an adjustment then usual and quite frankly it’s been difficult to be motivated to write much about Thailand when I haven’t been there. But today something happened that I need to write about. It has […]

Service Sucks in America (This Aint Thailand)

For those of you who frequent this space, you no doubt know that certain elements of the way Thais do business frustrates and sometimes makes me completely crazy. But one thing you get in Thailand that doesn’t seem to be too available in America these days is service. The last 2 days I did some […]

Things That Would Make Thailand Perfect

Being back in the United States for a few weeks now I miss my beloved Bangkok, I miss my friends in Thailand and I most certainly miss my girlfriend. But there are still things here in America that I miss when I’m away from here. Since I’ve been back I’ve been able to enjoy my […]

A Strip Club and a Go Go in Thailand are same, same. Not!

Tonight, being on the road, I did what many men in America do when they’re away from home and want a cheap thrill, go to a strip club. Trust me, it’s no Soi Cowboy. First of all, most of the women are white and from America. That puts two strikes against it right there. Oh […]

A Day I Won’t Soon Forget (And It Wasn’t Even in Thailand)

I know this blog is supposed to be about an American living part of the year in Thailand and his experiences. Well, today that American had a pretty amazing day. For one, I got thrown out a hotel (I was given one hour to leave) for doing absolutely nothing wrong after personal property was stolen […]

Thailand is a Much Happier Place Then America

As I mentioned before, leaving Thailand is always like leaving home, not coming home. This time it has even been more the case. For one, my girlfriend and I have been together for over a year now and we’ve spent a good part of that year together, both in Thailand and here in America. When […]