Thailand’s Public transport issues to be solved in 2 months – Hooray!

Just saw this on Thai Visa, courtesy of the National News Bureau of Thailand. Almost fell on the floor laughing: BANGKOK, 16 July 2013 (NNT) – The Ministry of Transport is expected to improve the entire public transport system within two months as several issues, such as passengers being rejected by taxi drivers and illegal […]

Injured man dies after cop tells ambulance to move

Just saw this in the Nation: A screen grab from a video clip that went viral on Facebook shows a traffic policeman apparently ordering medics to clear away as they try to revive an accident victim. BANGKOK: — A man seriously injured in a motorcycle accident yesterday died shortly after medics attending to him were […]

The Police In Thailand Are So Dirty It’s Ridiculous!

I saw this today in The Nation.  More police corruption: Funeral gambling session raided Six policemen yesterday raided a gambling operation set up at a local residence in Nakhon Si Thammarat that was hosting a funeral rite, seizing about Bt160,000 in alleged gambling money. The raid angered people at the funeral, as a relative of […]

Animal Cruelty at It’s Worst in Thailand

I saw this today on Coconuts Bangkok. It made me sick to my stomach: Dog survives firecracker explosion in its mouth Snow, a stray dog in Nakhon Pathom, has reportedly moved to a new shelter in Bangkok after suffering a serious wound to his mouth as the result of firecracker explosion. The dog’s injury occurred […]

Something Needs To Be Done For the Stray Animals of Thailand

As you know if you read my blog at all, I am a big animal lover and a dog owner. Whenever I go out I always cannot believe the beautiful animals roaming the streets here in Bangkok who don't have homes. On the way to dinner for our anniversary tonight I saw a lovely shepherd […]

Ending the Dog Meat Trade in Thailand

Saw this in the Nation: Thai govt expected to announce steps to end the dog meat and skin trade in Thailand                   BANGKOK: — The Thai government is expected to declare a national agenda to end the trade of dogs destined for human consumption, the nongovernmental organization, […]

Alcohol Sales Set To Be Banned at Roadside Stalls in Bangkok

Saw this in the Nation today:                                         Picture courtesy of   BANGKOK: — Starting from the New Year holiday period, roadside food stalls will be banned from selling alcoholic drinks, while all sales of alcoholic […]

Treatment for Botched Penis Enlargements in Bangkok

In the ridiculous department comes this story from The Nation, about how guys can now get treatment when their penis enlargements go bad. Guys, be happy with what you've got! Or the consequences can be terrible: Treatment for botched enlargements The Nation BANGKOK: — Police General Hospital has set up a special team to treat […]

The Lesbian Epidemic in Thailand

About a year ago I noticed something strange. All of a sudden I started to see many Thai lesbians in Bangkok.  It was a pretty typical lesbian couple that I'd see over and over. One partner was very "butch", man like. And the other partner was more feminine. But like everything else here in Thailand, […]

14 year-old Youth Reportedly Kills Mother in Bangkok; Mom Wouldn’t Let Him Play Computer Games

This just came across. Sad, sad stuff. An unfortunate commentary on today's society, not just in Thailand, but all around the world: BANGKOK, Oct 31 – A fourteen-year-old youth reportedly killed his mother in the Thai capital last night, as she had not allowed him to play computer games. The teenaged boy reportedly stabbed his […]