Time To Crack Down on Crimes Against Children in Thailand

I saw this on Pattaya One just now: Pattaya Police arrest Swiss man accused of lewd acts with 12 year old boys On Tuesday Night Pattaya Police Officers arrested a 62 year old Swiss man on the strength of an arrest warrant detailing allegations of lewd acts he is alleged to have committed with 12 […]

Eliminating the Pedos in Thailand

Saw this today on Pattaya 103 FM: Foreigners Arrested on Charges of Underage Gay Sex Supermarkets are ideal for food shopping, but not as a pickup point for underage boys as 60 year old Englishman, Andrew John Tracey,  found out to his cost in Pattaya this week end. Karl Josef Rupple, charged with sexual activity with […]

Mr. Bill’s Pattaya Trips

When Mr. Bill meets a girl he likes, he takes her to Pattaya. Now you may remember a blog about “One Night in Pattaya”, when Mr. Bill took wife number two to the beach resort for a night. Well, Mr. Bill has met a new girl and yesterday he took her to Pattaya. Now Mr. […]

Back in Bangkok

After two days of drunken fun in Pattaya with the boys it was time to head back to Bangkok this afternoon. Where three of us left together on Monday, I came back all by my lonesome self in our rented taxi. Mr. Bill left early this morning to meet his son, who was coming in […]

The Day the Lights Went Out in Pattaya

First of all, another apology for not posting yesterday. No, I wasn’t too drunk on my trip to Pattaya with the Boys. It seems that the lovely internet connection at the Whitehouse Condotel where we stayed was down more then it was up. Otherwise not a bad establishment, especially if you’re just looking for someplace […]

In Pattaya With the Boys

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my night in Pattaya. I talked about how Pattaya had changed and how I was looking forward to coming back for a boy’s trip. Well with my buddy in town from England and him wanting to go to the beach, it was the perfect time. So Mr. […]

One Night in Pattaya

I’ve largely avoided Pattaya since coming to Thailand. It isn’t exactly my favorite place in the country. But I have to say that after this weekend and a brief trip to this beach resort that my mind has changed, somewhat. When I first traveled to Thailand, Pattaya was on the itinerary. I mean it’s the […]