Time To Crack Down on Crimes Against Children in Thailand

I saw this on Pattaya One just now: Pattaya Police arrest Swiss man accused of lewd acts with 12 year old boys On Tuesday Night Pattaya Police Officers arrested a 62 year old Swiss man on the strength of an arrest warrant detailing allegations of lewd acts he is alleged to have committed with 12 […]

Bangkok becoming a pricier place for expats

Saw this in Coconuts Bangkok: Bangkok has become a more expensive home for expats during the last 12 months according to a new study. The Thai capital has jumped to the 147th most expensive destination globally in 2013, having been ranked at 162nd last year.  The research, published by ECA International – a provider of […]

Eliminating the Pedos in Thailand

Saw this today on Pattaya 103 FM: Foreigners Arrested on Charges of Underage Gay Sex Supermarkets are ideal for food shopping, but not as a pickup point for underage boys as 60 year old Englishman, Andrew John Tracey,  found out to his cost in Pattaya this week end. Karl Josef Rupple, charged with sexual activity with […]

The Super Bowl in Bangkok

Today was the Super Bowl here in Thailand, just like in the states. But a few things are a bit different. The biggest difference is the time of day that the game starts. I had to be up at 5 am to be able to see the 6:30 am kickoff here in the City of […]

Hello From Bangkok!

As I start this blog, I think I should start out by giving you some history. About 9 years ago I made my first trip to Thailand. As a single man from America, who was 41 years old at the time, I was absolutely blown away! I was impressed by the culture, by the people […]